F48, T48, and T-49 next generation jet gliders


Latest clean, unbranded STL files and build instructions For the T48, T-49, And F48 gliders.

Building on the spectacular performance of the F-47 series, the F-48, T-48 and T-49 deliver huge flights and crowd pleasing aerobatics....while being much easier to adjust and fly than earlier jet gliders. Great choices for a large open spaces, these  rubber band launched gliders fly high and cover a lot of ground on long graceful flights. By adding a stabilizing dihedral wing and employing a lighter, more efficient V-tail design, these gliders outperform our previous generation of jet gliders with more stable flight characteristics and pre-tuned assembly.  The T-48 gives great performance and huge loops with a nice "floaty" wing, while the F-48 covers the distance like no other plane we've made. The smaller T-49 gives similar performance to its big brother the T-48, but prints two to a build plate on a 200mm printer.

Files are provided with a restricted license for personal, non commercial use only. You may make as many copies of this item for yourself and for your family and friends as you would like, but selling or distributing this file or manufacturing products derived from this file for commercial purposes is explicitly prohibited. We are a tiny company, and we love to make cool models to share with the world....help keep us from flipping burgers instead by respecting and incentivising our intellectual production.

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