All Gliders download plus new 3rd edition 3D Printing book combo -- Save 60% over separate purchases!

$19.99 $59.90

Our new, improved Third Edition 3d Design book, PLUS 'The Zombie Apocalypse Guide to 3D Printing', PLUS  all of our printable gliders, all for one low combo price! save over 60% over individual purchases.

 Book Files are provided for your personal or immediate family use only, and may not be distributed in any form. You may make backups for your personal use, or to share with your SO, Parents, children, or grandchildren.

3D Files are provided with a restricted license for personal, non commercial use only. You may make as many copies of this item for yourself and for your family and friends as you would like, but selling or distributing this file or manufacturing products derived from this file for commercial purposes is explicitly prohibited.


We are a tiny company, and we love to make cool models to share with the keep us from flipping burgers instead by respecting and incentivising our intellectual production.


Custom or promotional branding is available for your brand or event!  contact us as

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