Nimbus Digital Download - maximum performance soaring glider


Unlimited flying fun from your 3d printer for the price of an app!  

The latest Clean, Unbranded STL files and build instructions for the new nimbus series high performance gliders. The nimbus prints in 3 main parts, with up to a 466mm!!! wingspan.

The nimbus series improves upon the Stratos series with a higher performance wing and lightweight streamlined fuselage, for dramatically improved flying characteristics with hand launches.  The Nimbus, especially the long wing version, is not as well suited to high acceleration catapult launching, and should be launched more smoothly.  

This new no compromise design soars thermals and ridge lift..... floating effortlessly on small updrafts for exciting and graceful performance. Sometimes, you'll swear there was a pilot on board as the plane wheels and swoops back into thermal lift! 

Files are provided with a restricted license for personal, non commercial use only. You may make as many copies of this item for yourself and for your family and friends as you would like, but selling or distributing this file or manufacturing products derived from this file for commercial purposes is explicitly prohibited. We are a tiny company, and we love to make cool models to share with the keep us from flipping burgers instead by respecting and incentivising our intellectual production.

Older or branded versions of this design or other files may be found at

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