Space shuttle Digital Download - Houston, we have a problem.....we keep losing this thing in the woods.


The latest Clean, Unbranded STL files and build instructions for our squinty stand-off scale Space Shuttle model  for printing on a +/- 190mm bed.

A long distance, high speed flyer, the space shuttle  is sure to please experienced jet jockeys and aspiring astronauts. Giant arcing loops, swooping dives, and long glides are the norm with this high performance, durable glider. We kept losing them off of our baseball field testing area, if that helps paint the picture. As this model has a very low aspect ratio wing, it is very sensitive in roll and will require tuning to get straight flights....but the results are worth it.

Files are provided with a restricted license for personal, non commercial use only. You may make as many copies of this item for yourself and for your family and friends as you would like, but selling or distributing this file or manufacturing products derived from this file for commercial purposes is explicitly prohibited.

We are a tiny company, and we love to make cool models to share with the keep us from flipping burgers instead by respecting and incentivising our intellectual production.

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